Where to Look for Online Bingo

Not all Bingo websites are created equal. Some have better reputations than others, and some operate according to slightly different rules and regulations. Some Bingo sites offer new customer incentives and bonuses, and some do not. Thus, before selecting a site, it is important to do some research to make sure you locate the best Bingo game for you.


Though most people may not have heard of them, Bingo portals can be some of the best places to find good Bingo sites. You might think of a portal as a more organized version of a data dump: they include general information about online Bingo, as well as reviews of different sites. These can be a good place to start looking, since they will give you a sense of what's out there.


A Bingo directory is more specific than a portal, and is more like an online Bingo phonebook than an online Bingo encyclopedia. Directories can be organized according to a number of different categories. Some just list and link to Bingo sites alphabetically, while others list Bingo sites according to available bonuses or game type.

In addition to knowing where to look, it is also important to assess your own needs. What are you looking for in a game? Do you want to play for fun, or are you looking for some higher stakes? Do you want to play a certain kind of Bingo? Do you like to play with multiple cards? Narrow down your options based on your preferences.